Paradise Beach Purveyors

Pesto Swirl

The contrasting texture of an elegant lemon and cracked pepper sour cream base swirls together with the bright colours and intensely aromatic flavours of our handmade Classic Basil and Char grilled Red Pepper Pesto’s. To enjoy this combination you can either mix it all together and eat it as it is, or turn it out onto a plate for a colourful, vibrant and enticing dip. Gluten Free.


The trick with the award-winning Pesto Swirl is to keep the colours separate with the cream cheese on top as it comes in the tub. Of course you can always serve it in the tub but it also looks great in a dish to serve with Pita Bits and crudités – your guests will soon mix it up!

This is also delicious tossed through pasta, gnocchi or served bruschetta-style on some good toasted bread. You can also spread it on a ready-made pizza base and add your favourite toppings such as tomatoes, olives, anchovies and sliced chorizo.