Paradise Beach Purveyors

Melon & Prosciutto Antipasto with Orange & Pomegranate Hommus


Use a 3cm melon baller to create balls from the flesh of the melons. Slice the pomegranates in half and tap them with the back of a knife over a bowl until the seeds fall out. Peel and segment the oranges, removing any pith.

Place the Paradise Beach Purveyors Orange and Pomegranate Hommus in a small serving bowl at the centre of a large platter with a sprig of mint to garnish. Surround the Hommus with Pita Bits then arrange the melon balls, pomegranate seeds, orange segments cherries and then add cones of rolled prosciutto. (We used another half a pomegranate to garnish the platter – you can provide toothpicks for guests to pick out the seeds as well as skewering juicy melon balls.)

Serves 4 or more as a refreshing party platter.